Cooking food is always been an ambitious affair for me. Fresh ingredients, high quality spices, consistency in every action and an open attitude to cooking are four elements that always excites me and drives my thoughts and ideas. Ideas and thoughts flow through when I am relax, looking at natural pictures, visiting malls and talking to people, dining at friends or relatives house. The dishes are visually conceptualized like a flash in pan to the dinning plate. It is my deepest passion to satiate taste buds of my guests with high quality cuisines cooked with freshly procured ingredients. To bring in consistency in my recipes, I add a judicious blend of exotic spice mixes and flavors. I love experimenting with traditional flavors and strive for new dishes. This repertoire of traditional and new-fangled dishes provide the perfect counter balance in my kitchen. I adopt the state-of-art process and technology to cook the age-old sumptuous dishes. I believe in staying true to the core. I constantly challenge myself to innovate and make my craft progressive. The relentless drive to delight my guests has been the biggest source of achievement.

Philosphy of my Culinary Art

In my Kitchen, I always attempt simple Indian food that we have grown up with in our home. At the same time, I attempt to create a balance between traditional values of Indian cuisine and modern approach to cooking techniques, ingredient and presentations. I prefer blending my own spices and marinades, so that I can use them to their full potential and to my personal satisfaction

I believe cuisine is a living thing, which grows and changes with time. The food that we cook today will be tagged as traditional for coming generations. My cooking is progressive in nature. It reflects inspiration from old recipes, cooking techniques, new ingredients, modern appliances and local and seasonal produce

Creating good food on a daily basis requires strong fundamentals, a great team and most importantly commitment to the Craft and integrity, ‘Doing something as taught when nobody is watching’.

Dining is a joyful experience; therefore I strive to connect things through my cooking, whether they are memories, past experiences, culture or cuisine.