Stir fry potato dish with pickling spices cooked with onion and tomato.


Mustard oil- 5 cups, Punch phoran-1stp, dry chilli-2 no’s, Onion chopped-200Gms, Tomatoes chopped-350Gms, Coriander pwd-2tsp, Chilli pwd-1tsp, Turmeric pwd-1.5tsp, Potato diced-1kg, Mango pickle chopped-3tbsp, Salt-to taste, Coriander chopped-1/2 cup, Chopped ginger-2tbsp, Kasuri methi-1tsp, Ghee Amul-2tbsp

1-Par boil potatoes with turmeric and allow it to cool down. Once cold fry them in oil on a slow flame till cooked.
2-In a hot pan take mustard oil and when the oil is about to smoke add panchphoron.
3-Add the onions and sauté till it caramelizes. Add the tomatoes and keep stirring till the tomatoes are cooked.
4- Add coriander pdr, chilli pdr, turmeric pdr and chopped pickle.
5-Cook on a slow flame till the oil separates from the masala.
6- Mix the potatoes in the masala and season it with salt. Stir slowly as the potatoes can get crushed or turn mashy.
7-Finally add coriander, ginger, Kasuri methi and ghee and remove the dish from the flame.

NOTE:Potatoes can be cut in smaller dices and deep fried.