Anaaj ka laddoo
(Sweet flour dumplings & toasted nuts)
This recipe is shared by one of the Maharastarian Family residing in Pune; Use of Multigrain flours add more taste & nutrition value to the dish.
Since there are no Perishable Ingredients in the dessert therefore it can be stored for a long time in an air tight container.

Serving – 12 portions
*Wheat flour – 1/2 cup, Ragi flour (Finger millet) – ½ cup, Besan (gram Flour) – ½ cup, Semollina – ½ cup, Ghee – 1 cup, Sugar (blend it to a fine pwd) – 1 cup, Cardamom pwd – 1tsp, Ginger pwd – 1 tsp, Toasted almond slivers -1/4 th cup, Toasted Pistachio slivers -1/4 th cup, Raisins -1/4 th cup

1-Roast all the flours separately in a dry pan till warm flavor wafts out.
2-In a separate bowl mix all the flours add 2 tbsp of ghee followed by cardamom pwd &powderedsugar, gingerpwd, in corporate gently add remaining ghee along with toasted nuts.
3-Divide the mixture into equal portions approx. 30 Gmseach, Make small balls of the mixture or spoon them like quennels& garnish them with pistachio slivers.
4-Allow the pinnis to cool andstore them in an airtight container.