Staple snack from the Far East is perhaps the city’s offering to the thousands thronging the bylanes of erstwhile Bengal. Often served with radish and onion on newspaper pockets this fiery snack is made in iron woks and coated with rusk crumbs. Sides of tomato ketchup and green chili sauce are also evenly popular.


*Potato boiled-250Gms
Beetroot grated – 50Gms, Cooking oil-1tbsp, Fennel seeds-1/2 tsp, Onion seeds – ¼ tsp, Mustard seeds-1/4tsp, Peanut-2tbsp, Rasins-2tbsp, Grated fresh coconut – 4tbsp, Chopped ginger-5 Gms, Chopped coriander – 2tbsp, To taste -Salt, Crumbs – 200 Gms, Oil to fry

1-Grate potato and beetroot in two different bowls and set aside.
2-Heat oil in a pan, add fennel seeds, onion seeds and mustard seeds, allow them to splutter. Next add crushed peanuts, raisins and grated beet root.
3-Gently sauté the beetroot for 3-4 minutes. Add coconut, ginger, corianderand mix well. Adjust the seasoning with salt. Allow the mixture to cool.
4-Divide the grated potato in 30 gm batches & prepare small balls.
5-Stuff the beetroot mixture in the potato balls .crumb & deep fry till crispy.