Boti kebab is enjoyed in Northern India, lamb picattas marinated with ground spices, malt vinegar and chilli and cooked in Tandoor. Served alongside is mint chutney and onion rings and rumali roti.



lamb cubes – 1kg, Salt – to taste, Raw papaya paste – 2 tbsp, Ginger garlic paste – 2tbsp, Chilli pwd – 1tbsp, Chopped ginger – 2tbsp, Chopped green chilli – 1tsp, Malt vinegar – 3tbsp, Hung yoghurt – 150 gms, Chilli oil – 2tbsp, Chilli paste- 1 tbsp, Garam masala powder – 1 tsp, Kasuri methi – ½ tsp, Clove pwd – ¼ tsp, Shahi jeera-1/2 tbsp, Mustard oil – 4 tbsp, Butter, Chopped coriander, Lemon, Chat Masala, Cooking cream


1-Clean the lamb cubes & trim the excessive sinew.

2-Prick the lamb cubes with fork or a knife & marinate with salt, papaya paste, ginger garlic paste, chilli pwd, chopped ginger, green chilli & malt vinegar allow the marinated lamb cubes to rest for 2 hrs.

3-Marinate the Lamb cubes second time in chilli paste, chilli oil, Kasuri methi, clove pwd Shahi jeera & hung curd. Towards the end add mustard oil & mix it the gently with marinated lamb.

4-Rest the marinated lamb for another 7-8 hrs. in a refrigerator.

5- Skewer the lamb cubes on metal skewers and cook in medium to hot tandoor for 10-15 mins.

6-Baste the marinated lamb cubes regularly with clarified butter.

7-Once the lamb cubes are cooked; gently remove from the skewer and serve seasoned with lemon juice and chat masala.

chef’s suggestion:

for cooking without a tandoor, slice the lamb thinner and grill on a hot griddle. Finish in the microwave using the grill function.