Serves – 8-10 port

Ingredients – Qty

Milk Full Cream – 4ltr, Green Cardamom – 5 gms, Rose Water – 20ml, Condensed Milk – 400 gms, Pistachio –100 Gms, Rose Syrup – 50ml, Saffron – 1/2gms, Dry Rose Petals – 5gms, Wafer – ½pkt, Sponge – 50 Gms, sliced Pistachio – 30 Gms, sliced Almonds – 30 Gms

1- Boil the Milk allow it to reduce to 1/4th of its consistency.
2- Allow it to cool, add condensed milk green cardamom pwd & blend it to a fine puree.
3- Divide the reduced milk in 3 different batches.
4- In first batch (a) add rose syrup & dry rose petals.
5- In II nd batch (b) add toasted saffron pwd.
6- In third batch (c) add pistachio paste.
7- Pour the batch a in (a) mould allow it to set for 3-4 hrs.
8- After 3 hrs arrange layer of wafers and pour batch (b). Allow it to set for another
3- 4 hrs.
9- Arrange layer of sponge after 3 hrs and pour batch (c).
10- Allow the kulfi to set in a freezer.
11- slice the kulfi before serving & garnish it with sliced pistachio and almonds.