Bengali Style Prawn Curry in coconut and mustard Sauce.



Onions – 250 Gms, Bay leaf – 3 no’s, Green Cardamom – 3-4 no’s, Cloves – 2-3 no’s, Mustard Paste – 50 Gms, Coconut milk pwd (Nestle Maggi brand) – 250 Gms, Vegetable oil – 50 Ml, Salt – to taste, Cinnamon stick – 1nos, Slit green chilies – 2nos, Descale deveined shrimps – 500gms (15-18pcs)


1- Peel the onions and cut them into dices. Boil the onions in 200 ml of water with lid covered.

2-Once the onions are boiled allow them to cool and blend them to a fine paste.

3-In a separate pan heat vegetable oil, add cinnamon stick, green cardamom,clove & bay leaf followed by onion paste, sauté it on low flame.

4-Add the mustard paste. Sauté it till thick in consistency.

5-Dissolve the coconut milk pwd in warm water & transfer it to above masala.

6-Allow the curry to simmer then add deveined and de scaled shrimps & slit green chilies. Season with salt and allow them to cook on a slow flame.

7-Towards the end adjust the seasoning with mustard paste if required.