“Panch” means five and “Mel” means amalgamation. The dish represents a mélange of five different lentils to create a beautiful wholesome dish.

Green Mung -100gms, Chana dal-100gms, Urad white-100gms, Arhar dal-100gms, Moong dal-100gms, Turmeric pwd – 2 tsp, Salt – to taste


Oil-3/4TH cup, Cumin seeds – 2 tsp, Garlic chopped-2tbsp, Onion grated-1 cup, Tomato grated -2 cup, Red chilli powder-2tsp, Coriander powder-4tsp, Ginger chopped-1tbsp, Green chillies-1no, Green coriander-2tbsp, Salt-to taste Ghee- ½ cup

1-Soak the dals separately for 30 minutes. Boil the water in a cooking pot & season the water with salt & turmeric.
2-Add green moong to the boiling water add other lentils in a sequential order at a gap of 5 minutes each. Allow the lentils to cook till soft.
3-In separate cooking pan heat oil add cumin seeds followed by whole dry red chili allow them to splutter. Add onion cook them till translucent followed by add chopped garlic. Cook the onion till golden brown. Add tomatoes to the onion along with coriander pwd & red chilli pwd& chopped ginger. Cook masala till thick in texture & oil comes on sides.
4-Add the above masala to the boiled lentils along with sliced green chillies.
5-simmer the lentils for another 3-4 minutes, adjust seasoning with salt & finish with chopped coriander & ghee.