Jhinga Kalimirch is a popular prawn curry on our menu inspired from the Goan Shrimp Peri Peri, replacing the chilies with crushed black peppercorns. Although we are an Indian restaurant, this recipe shows how elements of European cooking can be used to improve flavors.

Vegetable oil – 1.5 cup, Crushed green cardamom – 6nos, Crushed clove – 10 no’s, Grated onions –2 cups, Crushed fennel seeds – 2tsp, Coconut paste – 1cup, Turmeric – 1tsp, Chilli pwd – 1tsp, Corriander pwd – 3 tsp, Black peppercorns crushed -1tbsp, Shrimps 10/15 de-shelled ,de-veined – 1kg, Chopped garlic – 2tbsp, Shrimp puree – 4 pcs (100gms), Chopped coriander – 1cup, Tamarind pulp – 2 tbsp, Fresh tomato puree – 4 cups, Water – 2 cup, Ginger julienne – ¼ cup

1. Heat vegetable oil. Add crushed green cardamom, clove, followed by onion and crushed fennel seeds.
2. Cook the onions till translucent, add chopped garlic& coconut paste.Followed by tamarind pulp & tomato puree .cook this masala well.
3. Add crushed black pepper corns, turmeric powder and shrimps puree. Ideally dissolve the shrimp puree with little water and add to the masala. Stir quickly to prevent the shrimp puree from forming lumps
4. Cook the masala well till excess moisture has evaporated & oil starts coming on sides.
5. Add shrimps to the curry allow them to cook.
6. Towards the end adjust seasoning with salt & sugar .finish with freshly chopped Corriander & ginger juliennes.