Sibling to the gosht ki shami this royal treat found phenomenal importance during the Mughal era. Jimikand ki shami was invented as the royal chefs felt that the earthy flavors of the yam could very well compliment the taste buds of royal courts. The dish is enriched by the use of vetiver essence and has a very soft texture.


Jimmikand, Onion, Coriander stem, Ginger, Green chilli, Kewra water, Garam masala, Javitri elaichi pwd, Red chilli pwd, Roasted chana pwd, Chopped walnut, Chopped coriander leaves, Salt


1-Peel the skin of yam and wash it properly as to remove any mud particles .Cut into small pieces.
2-Boil the yam till soft.In a food processor blend the yam to a fine texture.
3-Heat oil in a pot add yam mixture, allow it to cook on a slow flame.
5-Once the mixture gets cooked and has a nutty aroma it can be removed and cooled down.
6-Add chopped onion, coriander, ginger, green chilli, gram flour, chilli powder , yellow chilli pwder, garam masala, javitri elaichi pwd , kewra water & melted ghee.
7-Incorprate the Ingredients thoroughly in yam mixture.Divide the mixture in 40 Gms size each and shape it .Ensure there are no lumps.
8-Refregerate the gallets for an hour before grlling them on a Iron Plate.
9-smear oil in a pan and grill the yam gallets on either side till golden crust appears.
10-spread chopped walnut on the surface of yam gallets sprinkle chopped coriander & flash them in oven before serving.