Sautéed Chicken in Kerala masala, wrapped in banana leaf and finished in oven



Vegetable oil – ½ cupm, Mustard Seeds – 2tsp, Chopped garlic – 1tbsp, Chopped onions – ½ kg, Tomatoes chopped-1/2kg, Salt – to taste, Corriander pwd-2tsp, Turmeric 1tsp, Red chilli pwd-.5tsp, Chciken-1kg


Corriander seeds-30gms, Cumin seeds-3gms, Cardamom green-5gms, clove-3gms, Mace-2nos, Satranise-2nos, Coconut grated-50gms, Sliced onion-100gms, Garlic whole-25gms, Ginger-10gms, Cinnamon stick-5gms, Cashewnut-75gms, Bayleaves-2gm, Red chilli whole-5nos, Coconut Milk (Maggi) – 2 cup, Tamarind-4tbsp


Chopped coriander-1/2 cupm, Cashewnuts-50gms, Chopped ginger-2tbsp, South Indian Garam masala-2tsp


1-Heat oil in a pan add mustard seeds allow them to splutter followed by add chopped onions & chopped garlic allow them to cook till golden brown.

2-Add chopped tomatoes along with Corriander pwd, turmeric pwd & chilli pwd, cook till masala comes on the sides.

3-In the meantime heat oil in a separate pan add all of the above mentioned whole spices allow them to splutter, followed by sliced onion , garlic whole, ginger, cashewnut & coconut grated. Sauté the masala well & add coconut milk & tamarind. Continue cooking till masala is thick in texture. Allow the masala to cool & than blend it to a fine paste.

4-In the meantime season the chicken &fry.

5-Add blended paste to the above masala, followed by fried chicken, mix it gently. Sprinkle little water if required, cover the pot & continue cooking for another 5 minutes on flame with lid on.

6-Towards the end adjust seasoning with salt & tamarind pulp (if required) & finish with chopped coriander, cashewnut, and chopped ginger & south Indian garam masala.