Southern Indian spiced fried chicken with hand-pounded tomato and curry leaf chutney. The word Kori stands for chicken &kempuis name of a place in Bangalore named after king known as kempagowda. This simple recipe serves all occasions and entices every body’s taste buds.



Chicken thigh (1 inch cube) – 500 gms, Red Chili Paste –1.5 tbsp, Salt – To Taste, Ginger Garlic Paste – 1.5 tbsp, Curry leaves – 5-6 sprigs, Lemon Juice – ½ cup


Gram Flour – 1cup, Rice Flour – 1cup, Refined Flour – 1cup, Red chili powder – 1tsp, Salt, South Indian Garam masala – 2tsp


1-Season the chicken with salt, ginger garlic paste, lemonjuice, red chilipaste, & chopped curry leaves. Allow the seasoned chicken to rest for an hour.

2-In a mixing bowl add gram flour, rice flour, refined flour, red chilly pwd and salt.

3-Dust the marinated chicken cubes in seasoned flour mixture.

4-Fry the chicken till crisp. Sprinkle South Indian Garam Masala on Korikempu.

5- Serve the crisp Kori kempu with home ground tomato chutney.

For Hand Pounded Tomato Chutney

1-Add garlic, coriander, curry leaves, Shallots, Salt, Chilly pwd ,cumin seeds to the stone pestle, crush it gently while mixing them together, add tomato wedges and lemon juice crush them with herb and spice mixture. Towards the end adjust the seasoning with salt and lemon juice.