The secret of this recipe lies in having the right proportion of lentils and boiling them to perfection. Tempering with cumin and garlic towards the end adds unique Characteristics to lentils.


Yellow lentil – 200 Gms, Red Lentil – 100 Gms, Chick pea lentil – 50 Gms, White lentil – 50 Gms, Turmeric – 5Gms, Salt – To taste

For Onion Tomato masala

Chopped onions – 1 cup, Chopped Tomatoes – 2 cup, Turmeric pwd – 5 Gms, Chilly pwd – 3 Gms, Vegetable oil – 50 ml

For tempering:

Vegetable oil –30 ml, Cumin – 5 Gms, Coriander fresh – 15 Gms, Salt – to taste, Ginger – 20Gms, Garlic – 30 Gms, Clarified Butter – 40Gms


1-Wash & Soak the lentils separately.

2-Boil approximately 1.5 liter of water in a pot, add salt followed by turmeric.

3-Add soaked chana dal to the boiling water and cook it for 8 – 10 minutes , followed by add white lentil, yellow lentil and red lentil .

4-Once the lentils are boiled,in a separate pan heat the vegetable oil, add chopped onions sauté them till caramelise, add chopped tomato followed by turmeric pwd and chilli pwd.

5-Cook the masala well till oil starts coming on the sides of cooking pan.

6-Add the onion tomato masala to the boiled lentils.

7-Towards the end temper the lentil with chopped garlic, cumin seeds & ginger.

8-Adjust the seasoning with salt and serve the lentil garnished with chopped coriander leaves and a tbsp. of clarified butter.