The dish resembles royalty and has been cooked for the discerning royals in the Northern part of India. Rich and creamy this dish is utterly mild in spices but yet very succulent and appetizing. Cooked in clay oven with a marinade of yoghurt, almond and spices, the dish is truly a royal treat.



Chicken Breast – 500 gms, Corriander stem – 1tbsp, Ginger paste – 1.5 tbsp, Green papaya paste – 1tbsp, Green chilli chopped – ½ tbsp, Cardamom mace pwd – .5 tbsp, White pepper pwd – 1 tbsp


Hung curd – 150 gms, Almond paste – 4 tbsp, Cooking cream – ½ cup, Cardamom mace pwd – .5 tbsp, Chat masala –2 tsp, Lemon – 2nos, chopped coriander leaves – 2 tbsp, Butter – ½ cup


1-Clean chicken breast and pat dry on a kitchen towel. Make escallops of 40 Gms.

2-Transfer the chicken in a mixing bowl & in a sequential order add ginger paste, salt, green papaya paste, white pepper pdr, cardamom mace pwd, green chilli& coriander stemrub the ingredient gently on chicken and allow it to rest for 2 hrs. in a refrigerator.

3-For the second marinade combine hung yoghurt, boiled almond paste, Cooking cream and cardamom & mace pdr.

4- Marinate the chicken with the second marinade and rest it for 8 hrs.

5- Skewer the chicken and cook it at moderate heat in clay oven basting frequently.

6-Once cooked remove it from skewer and sprinkle chat masala, coriander, lime juice and clarified butter.