One of the most popular Indian snacks, served with evening tea or filter coffee.


Onion sliced – 250gms, Salt – to taste, Crushed fennel seeds – 2 tsp, Crushed garlic – ½ tbsp, Curry leaves -1//2 sprig, Amul ghee – 1 tbsp, Gram flour -7 tbsp, Rice flour – 3tbsp, Turmeric – ½ tsp, Oil - for frying

METHOD: 1. Peel the onions, slice them thin. 2. Add salt, fennel seeds, crushed garlic, torn curry leaves, ghee, gram flour, rice flour & turmeric to the onion. 3. Gently mix the above mixture and allow it to rest for 15-20 mints. 4. Fry small spoonful’s of the onion mixture in medium to hot oil till golden brown. 5. Serve the crispy onion bhajjias with tamarind chutney.