Popular dish from Northern India made with red kidney beans, onion and tomatoes.



Kidney Beans – 500 gms, Onion Sliced – 100 gms, Black Cardamom – 3-4nos, Vegetable oil – ¾ th cup, Cumin seeds – 1.5 tsp, Onion Grated – 1.5 cup, Ginger Garlic paste – 3 tbsp, Tomato paste – 1.5 cup, Corriander pwd – 4 tsp, Red chilli pwd – ½ tsp, Turmeric pwd – 1tsp, Salt – to taste, Chopped Corriander – 2 tsps, Ghee – 4tbsp


1- Pick and wash the Kidney beans .Soak them overnight in large container.

2- Boil the Kidney beans in a pot along with cooking soda, onion and salt.

3- Cook the Kidney beans on a slow flame with covered lid till soft; add water in between if required (Avoid Stirring the Kidney beans while cooking).

4- In a separate pot heat vegetable oil; add cumin seeds & onions cook till golden brown.

5- Add ginger garlic paste sauté for 5 minutes, followed by add tomato paste allow it to cook till thick in consistency.

6- Add turmeric pwd, chilli pwd, coriander pwd & cumin pwd. Mix the spices gently to above masala and allow it to cook till oil comes on the sides.

7- Add the above masala to the kidney beans& continue cooking for another 8-10 minutes .Add little water in between if required.

8- Towards the end adjust seasoning with salt & finish with chopped coriander & ghee amul.