Cooking has always been an ambitious affair for me. As for my culinary philosophy, I am guided by concepts that inspire me to whip up different cuisines of amazing taste to reach all sensory chords. My recipes are mostly ingredient-driven with a dash of exotic spice mixes and flavors. I love experimenting with traditional flavour and give every preparation a contemporary reinvention. Throughout my culinary journey, I have tried and adopted various styles with emphasis on impeccable food quality and taste. I constantly challenge myself to innovate and make my craft progressive. My endeavor is to give my guests the best plate of eats and an exceptional experience that they will want to come back to.

My Recipes

As the man behind the kitchen at Rang Mahal, one of Dubai’s most plush hotels, I strive hard to create mouth-watering traditional and contemporary Indian cuisine. The exotic signature dishes cooked with fresh ingredients, smooth textures, and aromatic flavors satiate the taste buds of diners from across the globe. Taking inspiration from my Indian heritage, I constantly push traditional boundaries to take Indian fare to new heights. I love trying out different cuisines, experimenting with quintessential Indian ingredients and churning out dishes in a new avatar while retaining the finger-licking taste of yester-years. I like to think of my cooking style as traditional, but with modern twists. I am determined to revolutionize Indian recipes. To this end, I have developed a creative process that is a unique blend of exciting flavors, fresh produce and modern cooking techniques, which is executed with innovative plate design. Not surprising, the Rang Mahal menu boasts of standout food delights. My avant-garde trademark recipes like Scallops Kalia, chicken balti, Lal Maas, smoked veggies, chatorigali and the huge array of desserts with a medley of chocolate, fennel, cardamom have been appreciated by all. Each item is carefully designed to enhance your culinary experience and appeal to the connoisseur in you.