Broccoli florets in a creamy cheese and yoghurt marinade flavored with royal cumin, cardamom and mace.

Broccoli florets (blanched)-500 gm, Labneh -4tsp, Amul Cheese -50 gm, White pepper pwd -1.5 tsp, Javitri elaichi pwd - 1tsp, Cream- 1.5cup, Green chilli chop - 1/2 tsp, Chopped coriander stem - 2 tsp, Yellow chilli pwd -.5tsp, Shahi jeera -1tsp, Garam masala-1tsp, Salt- to taste, Butter – 50 gms, Chat masala – 10 gms, Lemon – 2 no’s,Chopped coriander – 15 gms

1-Cut florets of broccoli weighing 35-40 grams each. Make a cross at the bottom part.
2-Blanch the florets in water and them immerse them immediately in ice bath as not to overcook it.
3-Drain the water and store the florets in refrigerator.
4-In a bowl combines yoghurt, yellow chilli powder, cardamom and mace powder, chopped ginger & green chilli.
5-Add the florets to the marinade and mix well to have an even coating.
6-Rest the broccoli in refrigerator for an hour before usage. Skewer the florets and cook them in tandoor at Moderate heat.
7-Once the broccoli florets are baked & have golden brown color on the surface, transfer them in a bowl. Baste the roasted Broccoli florets with melted butter & sprinkle chopped coriander, chat masala & lemon juice before serving.

Note: broccoli florets can also be roasted in preheated oven at 240 deg c for 6-8 minutes.