Tandoori murgh is the most loved and sought after dish from the mainland of Punjab which quickly gained prominence in the entire country and overseas. A simple dish of whole chicken marinated with spices and yoghurt and then cooked to perfection in clay ovens. Served alongside are lemon wedges, onion rings and spicy mint chutney to compliment the dish. A true winner in all senses.



Spring chicken – 2pcs, Salt – to taste, Chilli pwd – 1 tbsp, Ginger garlic paste – 2 tbsp, Chilli paste – 1tbsp, Malt vinegar – 3 tbsp


*Hung curd – 150 gms, Chilli oil – 2 tbsp, Chilli paste – 1 tbsp, Garam masala pwd – 1 tsp, Black salt, Kasuri methi – ½ tsp, Mustard oil – 2 tbsp, Cardamom mace pwd – 1tsp, cooking cream – ½ cup, Lemon – 2 no’s, Chopped coriander leaves – 2 tbsp, Chat Masala – 2tsp, Butter – 4tbsp


1- Take spring chicken and divide it into leg and breast pieces .With a sharp knife make gashes not very deep though for the marinade to seep in.

2- For the first marination combine malt vinegar, ginger garlic paste, salt and chilli paste and apply it to the chicken. Make sure the gashes are filled with the marinade.

3- Refrigerate the chicken for 3-4 hrs. before applying the second marinade.

4- For the second marinade combine hung yoghurt, Chillipaste, chilli oil, mustard oil, fenugreek powder, garam masala &black salt.

5- Add the chicken to the second marinade and mix well and refrigerate for 8 hrs.

5- Skewer the chicken pieces and cook in the clay oven basting it frequently with clarified butter.

6- Once cooked rest it for few minutes before removing it from skewers.

7- Finish the chicken with lime juice, chat masala, chopped coriander and clarified butter.