Aloo Bonda is a popular breakfast and evening dish prepared throughout Karnataka and TamilNadu. The dish is enjoyed with Sāmbhar and coconut chutney during breakfast and during evening it is had with chutneys. The dish is mild in terms of spices and has a lump of potato which is coated with gram flour and then fried.


Arhar dal-500gms, Turmeric-2tsp, salt-to taste


Tomato, Chilli pwd-2tsp, *Corriander pwd-4tsp, Onion sliced – 200gms


Oil-3/4thcup, Red chili whole-5nos, Cumin seeds-3tsp, Mustard seeds-2tsp, Sliced garlic-1/2 cup, Curry leaves-4sprig, Sliced onion-250gms, Ghee Amul-1/2 cup, Chopped Corriander-1/2 cup


1-Boil the lentil along with Turmeric & Salt.

2-In a separate pot add sliced onion sliced tomatoes, chilli pwd, Corriander pwd & turmeric pwd allow them to cook on medium to hot flame, till it becomes thick and dry.

3-Once lentils are soft & cooked add above masala to the lentils.

4-In a separate sauté pan heat oil add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, dry red chilli allow to splutter, followed by add sliced garlic & sliced onion cook them till translucent . Add curry leaves to the onion & continue cooking till onion is golden brown in color.

5-Add tempering to the above lentils along with ghee & chopped coriander.

6-Towards the end adjust seasoning with salt & finish with ghee amul & Chopped corriander.